act one, post one. 

From an incredibly young age I have been inspired by the idea that a single individual can imagine, create and celebrate an artistic idea. Whatever the form, whether written, sung or performed, the concept that one person can conjure up a fictional world filled with everything that they have ever dreamed of has motivated me to pursue my own creative ideas. 

At the simple age of 17, studying three A-levels at sixth form, I am aware that I am nowhere near reaching my creative “breakthrough”, as such. Though my mind is bursting at the seams with characters, concepts and description, I do not have the time or the skills to produce something that my younger self imagined. But that is still my goal; at some point in my life I will publish a text of some sort, fictional or not, and I will feel incredibly proud and fulfilled. 

For now, however, I’m channeling that creative energy in watching, experiencing and reviewing other forms of art. I frequently visit the theatre, most recently to see Dirty Dancing for the third time, and, thanks to my recently purchased Netflix subscription, enjoy watching films of all genres. Independent, critically acclaimed, foreign, horror. Anything and everything. I know that watching and cumulating opinions on all these different types of fiction will help me in the future when I come to start creating my own screenplays, manuscripts and even short poems on the back of napkins.

Anything that anyone has created deserves to be celebrated and discussed. Even if there are certain elements that you dislike, or there are particular scenes that cause disagreement between groups of people, there will always be something to enjoy. Those parts are the ones that are to be taken as inspiration, while the less enjoyable ones are to be taken and changed as ‘what not to do’. I will be discussing both of those areas in my posts on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy seeing my thought and suggestions on all the titles I happen to view in my time here. 

act one, post one. 

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